Thursday, February 13

Salvation Army Thrift Haul - Surry Hills Edition

It's finally time to share my thrifted finds from the Salvation Army Family Store in Crown Street, Surry Hills. I have to say, this particular shopping trip definitely takes the cake as my most successful second-hand shopping experience so far.

As this op shop is located in a nice suburb the donations are of  higher quality than what most stores receive, yet I was pleasantly surprised to find that the prices remained very low. You will find that the occasional item is marked with a (low)price tag but every other unmarked item of clothing is set at $5!

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Monday, January 27

Sweet Vintage Threads at Cream on Crown

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Crown Street, Surry Hills is a must visit for vintage lovers in Sydney. There are many vintage stores scattered along this street and I had the pleasure of visiting a particularly amazing one named Cream. This well-organised store had large collections of denim jackets, bikers, button-down shirts, Doc Martens and cut-off shorts among many other sartorial treasures.

 photo IMG_1574_zps1f569cf7.jpg

Sunday, January 26

My 2014 So Far...

Happy Australia Day babes! This is the first weekend I've been home since Christmas and I can't wait to share with you all of the outfits, shopping and gratuitous food photos of my 2014 so far. Here are a few outfit photos and pics of Sydney to start us off. Over the next few days I will be posting about some great places to eat, shop and even exercise around Sydney and Brissy! Enjoy.

Kate x

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Friday, December 27

Little Christmas Haul

Just wanted to share a few of my gifts that I thought would be relevant to you guys - there's a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle goodies. I hope you are all enjoying the silly season as much as I am so far and have a great year ahead of you.

Kate X

 photo DSCN3495_zpsaef6bb04.jpg
Clockwise From Left: OXFAM Fair-trade Scarf // TOMMY HILFIGER Tommy Girl Fragrance Set // GUESS Chleo Uptown Satchel // VINTAGE Necklace
 photo DSCN3490_zpsbab18ab6.jpg
LORNA JANE 2014 Journal // MOR Sugar Rose Tiger Lily Gift Set // PETER ALEXANDER Gift Card
 photo DSCN3491_zps6f767d76.jpg
HANDMADE Batik Top from Malaysia // OXFAM Fair-trade jewellery roll


Sunday, December 22

Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul! Priceline, Kmart and Price Attack

During Friday's Christmas shopping expedition I managed to pick up a few new beauty products for yours truly.

 photo Juicehairproducts_zps327c35ab.jpg

Saturday, December 14

I Cut Off My Hair! + 10 Reasons to Get a Long Bob

So I recently woke up to the fact that maybe I hadn't been taking care of my hair as well as I could have been. I couldn't remember the last time I'd had a trim and my haircare routine was less than extensive. Forget, split ends - my hair was breaking off in chunks and it was time to take serious action. Luckily I wasn't too heartbroken as I've been thinking about getting a lob for a very long time and now that my hair was officially a mess anyway, I had the perfect opportunity to chop it off with no regrets.

I asked my hair dresser for a long angled bob (a.k.a a concave bob) and took this picture of VB as inspiration. She went slowly and cut it gradually shorter at the back so I could choose exactly how angled I wanted to go.

Monday, December 2

Ethical Christmas Gift Ideas

So December is finally here and it's time to SHOP! If you want to make your gift-giving even more meaningful this year, why not choose a few gifts that will really make a difference - and not just for the lucky people receiving them.


You can't go wrong with luxe cruelty-free beauty goodies that they would never normally purchase for themselves. Think a sweet perfume, the perfect makeup palette or a sumptuous LUSH gift box.

Girly Gifts

Tuesday, November 26

Nourish Naturals NatureColour Hair Dye Review

It's almost frightening to think that one whole year has passed since I was enjoying the sun, sand and general lack of responsibility that is Schoolies week. Why is that so scary, you ask? Because up until Saturday afternoon, it had also been one whole year since my hair had undergone the magical colour transformation that every teenage girl dreams of: from mousey-brown to more of a shiny-golden-hamster blonde.

 photo NatraliaNourishNatureColour_zps75231318.jpg

Saturday, November 23

American Apparel Does Vegan Leather!

My excited squeal could be heard all through the neighbourhood last night as I entered American Apparel's online store... there on the homepage was a banner announcing their new vegan leather range. My two loves: vegan leather and sweatshop free clothing have come together and I want EVERYTHING. Here is the full range of 'supple and soft' vegan leather garments available now.

Happy shopping

Kate x


Friday, November 22

How to Dress Classy at the Club

Getting dressed up to go out is so much fun but if you're unsure about where to draw the line between appealing and revealing, I'm here to help. My number one tip can be summed up in a single word; balance. If you're showing skin up top, keep it covered below and pair back skin-tight skirts with loose fitting tops. Below I have found a few examples of four great pieces that will all work together to create beautiful outfits for many weekends to come!


Not one for the faint of heart but when pared back with a fitted pant they can look perfectly polished. Stick to anything with a high waist and you can't go wrong - just ensure there is no unnecessary belly button exposure.

Crop tops

Monday, November 11

Nude by Nature Review: Natural Mineral Cover & Liquid Mineral Concealer

I wanted to review Nude by Nature's Natural Mineral Cover as it has become a cult beauty product in Australia and I'm sure that any of us who haven't tried it yet are probably thinking thinking of giving it a go. I've made a little video so you can see me using this loose foundation as well as the Liquid Mineral Concealer. Clearly I'm just relying on the natural light here so the quality isn't that great (sorry) but it definitely does provide some light coverage.

Since filming I've been using a green Physician's Formula concealer under this foundation and it makes a massive difference. I definitely recommend this combo if you have areas of your skin which need full coverage but you don't want heavy makeup on your whole face. I will let the video do the rest of the talking but thanks for reading/watching and I hope this helps!

Kate x

Nude by Nature Review

Friday, November 8

How I Style Palladium Boots

So I may have briefly posted about these awesome boots just recently but I wanted to expand on that little outfit post with a few more styling ideas. They're surprisingly versatile and aren't just for Winter and Autumn - they work very well with summer threads too. I actually love them with skirts to put a bit of a feminine spin on things but they can also look great with denim shorts and I have included some great examples of this via and Chictopia.

Do you own a pair or want a pair? How would/ do you style them?

Kate x

 photo DSCN3434_zps3c5a9e68.jpg
 photo DSCN3437_zps30770910.jpg
 photo DSCN3438_zps05a5018f.jpg




Find Palladium Boots Online

Wednesday, November 6

My Complete Hair Removal Guide

Full disclosure: I am not a trained expert in this area but wanted to share my personal experience with different hair removal products to help you decide what you want to try (or avoid) yourself. I'll be covering 7 different methods that I have personally used along with how painful they are, where to use them, how long they last, my recommended products and more. Which method of hair removal is your favourite? What do you hate? Let us know in the comments!

Kate x

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Tuesday, November 5

Cool Sneakers Online - Sweatshop Free, Vegan and Eco-Friendly

Sneakers are one of the few magical items in our wardrobes that can give us some serious street cred and be incredibly comfortable at the same time. They're pretty amazing really, but my usual converse and vans favourites just don't seem worth the $100 price tag anymore when I think about how they are made. This is why I have been looking for some new sneaker brands with an ethical edge and here is what I have discovered so far.

Happy shopping! What are your favourite sneakers?

Kate x 

Sweatshop free sneakers

Vegan sneakers

Eco-Friendly Sneakers 
All stockist info below...

Sunday, November 3

The 3 Natural Skincare Alternatives I Use Everyday

So far I have managed to replace half of my skincare routine with 100% natural products. Not only are these three things great for the skin but using them in place of your usual products can save you a lot of money! I have chosen to do a video for this post so let me know if you like it and I hope it helps you out.

Kate x

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Thursday, October 31

Unique Earrings for Under $35

Throwing on a pair of statement earrings is an easy way to make even the most basic look a whole lot more interesting. Here are a few pairs that will make a big impact on your personal style, not your bank account.

Which pair do you want?

Kate x

Unique Earrings

All stockist info below!

Wednesday, October 30

Cruelty Free Dupe for Mac 187 Stippling Brush

Mac brushes are incredibly popular but if you're looking for a synthetic alternative to the #187 I can definitely recommend the Studio Stipple Brush by e.l.f. I have been using this brush for months without it shedding and most importantly it gives my liquid foundation a great natural finish.

Do you use e.l.f brushes? Let us know if you love them too!

Kate x

Mac Stippling Brush Dupe

MAC Cosmetics facial brush
44 AUD -

e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush | Amazon
17 AUD -


Tuesday, October 29

How to Wear Distressed Denim Shorts 3 Ways

Denim shorts are probably the best thing about Summer IMHO. I have hunted down my 3 favourite pairs available online and hopefully you love them too. The first pair from Asos are made from vintage Levis and the others are all made in the USA. I've also put together a few styling ideas to demonstrate just how versatile they really can be! My only advice for making distressed denim classy is to keep the rest of your ensemble extra polished and you'll look amazing.

Happy shopping and have fun rocking your denim cut-offs this Summer.

Kate x

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3 Ways with Denim Shorts



Monday, October 28

Rocky Horror Picture Show Outfit Inspiration

I am so excited that the Rocky Horror Picture Show is coming to Australia and plan to see it in January. Most importantly: I will be dressing up and need something to wear! Here are a few tasteful pieces to help you get the look whether you are going to the show, a dress-up party or just need a last-minute Halloween costume idea.

Kate x

Rocky Horror Style


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