SATIN OR SILK: Aeroplane Style

Sunday, January 22

Aeroplane Style

This set is similar to what I wore (and took) on my first ever plane trip. I wanted to wear something that was comfortable in an I-travel-all-the-time kind of way, rather than a pass-the-potato-chips-please kind of way. 

You won't find any sports chic trackie pants here (sorry). Linen pants are a great suitable-to-leave-your-house-in alternative. The pair pictured are by Maison Martin Margiela, but I bought mine at Target in Australia for under $50. 

I paired those pants with a comfy nautical-inspired striped tank top and a pair of black thongs. Sunglasses are a must to hide extra bags (if you know what I mean) and allow you to look out of the window without developing fried eggs for eyes. I wore a pair of Clubmasters from Dotti but go for the real-deal Ray Bans for proper eye protection. A waterfall cardigan makes a cozy blanket or a great cover-up to save you from the cabin air-conditioning. Choose a light-weight fabric to fit easily into your carry-on. 

Yes, the handbag you see there is Micheal Kors, but again the one that I took was much cheaper. I picked up my neutral toned tote bag at Strandbags for about $50. The basic bag checklist is; cross-body strap for free hands at customs, tough enough to be shoved under your seat at take-off and big enough to store all of your crap. And that doesn't have to cost you a stylishly clad arm or leg.
What are your stylish travel tips?

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