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Wednesday, January 11

Clothes to Wear All Year

When I'm shopping, I look for things that I can wear as much as possible. Why? Because I'm cheap, oh and it also gives you a lot more options when it comes to putting an outfit together. The best way to measure this is to consider the seasons. No, I'm not talking about astrology (although that would be helpful), I'm talking about the time of year that you can wear something while staying in your temperature comfort zone. Usually that's somewhere between melting into a puddle of sartorial mess and developing icicles in place of last Spring's leather fringing. 

If you live somewhere cold, you spend on the warm and cozy stuff. If you live in a hot climate, then your wardrobe probably includes a stockpile of denim shorts, crochet and coloured singlets from Supre (or is that just me?).

Well, what if you travel a lot?

What if you're so greatly affected by climate change that sporadic weather patterns have you seriously confused about what the hell you should wear each day?

What if?

Well this is where multi-seasonal pieces are really useful. No, not trans-seasonal pieces; those awkward clothes that hang around in your closet only to be worn between seasons (wtf?). Multi-seasonal garments can be worn ALL YEAR!

So, what exactly makes something multi-seasonal? A dress that can be worn with tights and a coat and looks equally stylish with a sunhat and wedges? Yes. Jeans that work with a blazer and boots, or can be cuffed and paired with a cute tank top? Sure. Shorts with a tee in Summer or tights in Winter? Definitely! 

Stay tuned for some multi-seasonal outfit posts. 

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