SATIN OR SILK: Guide to Ethical Style Part 1:How to Avoid Sweat-Shop Made Items

Friday, January 27

Guide to Ethical Style Part 1:How to Avoid Sweat-Shop Made Items

Sometimes (especially when under the influence of retail therapy-induced glee) it's easy to forget about the impact that our wardrobes and lifestyles can have on the rest of the world. Now I don't want to go all OTT on you, so I've made a simple list of easy ways to get more green-ness into your day. The first Installment of this segment is about ethical manufacture, Enjoy!!

Fair-trade clothing labels are becoming more and more accessible in Australia, and most of them are pretty affordable too. This is my favourite option because it can provide alternative employment for those currently working in sweat-shop conditions. Tree of Life has a Global Love policy which ensures the ethical manufacture of their gorgeous clothing and other too-cute products. There are also many more stores with similar mantras, you just have to look!

Top two bangles: Tree of Life, Bottom bangle: Oxfam
Buying homemade and artisan wares is a simple way to ensure that your clothes and accessories were produced ethically - and you'll also score something unique at the same time. Try Etsy for one-of-a-kind accessories and even shoes! Markets are also a great hunting-ground to find hand-made items. And why not make something yourself?
Op-shops, garage sales, Ebay; the list is endless. When you buy a second-hand item you can know that you're supporting a worthy cause, it could be a charity, a needy family or a poor uni student. Buying vintage also reduces the need for excess production and decreases landfill - but I'll talk more about that next week...

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