SATIN OR SILK: How to Stay Stylish on a School Camp

Saturday, January 28

How to Stay Stylish on a School Camp

Winter Trips
Jeans are the perfect pants for a school trip because they are practical to wear, comfy enough for the bus and denim is a breathable but warm fabric. It's also easy to make them your own buy choosing different colours and fits, everyone is bound to find something for their shape and style. Skinny jeans require minimal styling and darker washes are the best option if you're at risk of getting them dirty. 
These are all under $100

Ditch those puffy parkas for a cute pea coat or thick, lined trench. If you're venturing somewhere really cold; look for felt or wool fabrics, otherwise cotton is more breathable. Denim and biker jackets are a stylish alternative to fleece hoodies - and much more durable than your favourite white blazer.
All under $100

Winter Outerwear

Long sleeved fitted cardigans will double as a top or the perfect throw-on outerwear. They can be layered over a sleeveless top to make it school-appropriate or under a coat or jacket for extra warmth. Choosing one in a punchy colour is an easy way to add interest to your outfit.
All under $50 (the House of Fraser one is only £8.90!)


Go for dark coloured, matte Polyurethane or ethical leather material and steer clear of suede.  High boots are great for rainy areas and short biker boots or ankle boots will add edge. 
* Please note that I've chosen these boots to give you an example of some different styles. I'll warn you that some of the boots are made with leather, and you can use the links below to find more information about the materials of each pair. 
All under $100
Winter Boots

I once stayed at a school that didn't have mirrors - no joke. We had to apply our make-up in a classroom window. Before is scare you off from ever attending a school trip again, just remember this - keep it simple stupid. If you wear foundation; go for loose powder mineral make-up. It's easy to mess up liquid - loose powder is quicker and you'll be much more likely to get it right in dodgy public-toilet lighting. Also pack a basic mascara if you like a little extra eye definition, and a nude lipstick or gloss (again it's a lot quicker and easier to apply than red - you'll hardly need a mirror). Primer will also come in handy for those long, long days. Papaw ointment is great for chapped lips and gives a glossy finish. It can also be used sparingly as a brow setter or highlighter on your cheekbones, cupid's bow and brow bone. A light-coloured polish won't develop obvious chips like darker colours might. Look for long-lasting formulas but avoid ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene and dibutylphalate. 
All under $50

Easy make-up

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