SATIN OR SILK: The Kimono Top

Thursday, January 26

The Kimono Top

Kimono's are everywhere now and the thing that I love the most about this trend is that it is so versatile and anyone can make it their own. Too scared to embrace a floor-sweeping, multi-colour printed ensemble? First of all, don't be. And secondly, a toned-down (yet equally gorgeous) version will be way more wearable and more readily available. So the cost per wear? Practically nada.

Here is a fine example - I picked this one up at Valleygirl for around $25 (full price!). The kimono style is on trend but the muted pastel colouring and tie-front will keep it wearable right into Autumn.  

 Today I paired this with none other than a white singlet, denim cut-offs and thongs...

 Happy Australia Day!


  1. Happy Australia Day!!!!

    The kimono trend is amazing! It brings to the outfit a soft elegancy!

    Cri. (

    1. Thank you you for your lovely comment, Cri :)


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