SATIN OR SILK: My Top Five Hair-Care Tips

Sunday, January 22

My Top Five Hair-Care Tips

1} Don't Tear Out Your Bobby Pins
This is one sure way to rip your hair, causing split-ends and frizz (read: not good). Separating the sides of the bobby pin first and removing it gently will help prevent breakage. 

How it helps you save: Less breakage means less money wasted on chemical-heavy hair serums and treatments. Less split-ends also means less hairdressing appointments. 

2} Use a Bristle Brush
Brushes with plastic teeth also damage your hair, but there's no need to spend $200 on a new one (yes, it happens). I bought my hairbrush at Woolies a few years ago and it's still awesome. It's made from bamboo with synthetic bristles so it's cruelty-free and is so gentle on my hair. 

How it helps you save: Again, you'll spend less on hair products. Choosing a synthetic brush is not only the ethical option but will also save you money compared to buying one with real hair. 

3} Don't Wash Your Hair So Often (Yes, really)
It's true what they say; washing your hair everyday can dry it out a lot. I've always washed my hair every night because I've always thought that it was super-oily. But even if your hair is like mine, just try ditching the shampoo for one night, you might be pleasantly surprised that it's actually a lot softer if you do this. Just don't try this one out after an Aussie summer day or a serious gym workout sesh. 

How it helps you save: Well you'll use less shampoo, of course. If you need to, you could try an inexpensive dry shampoo or corn starch to soak up oil. 

4} And When You Ditch the Shampoo, Forget the Conditioner Too
Back in the day, there was no conditioner (what?!). Yes, I know, it's shocking. But  that doesn't mean that everyone had horrible, dry hair. This is where the bristle brush also comes in handy; when you don't wash your hair, natural oil will build up at your roots and the lengths will be drier, right? So take your bristle brush and comb from the roots to the ends. The bristles will distribute the oils evenly throughout you locks, lessening oily roots while naturally conditioning your hair. 

How it helps you save: Again, you'll spend less on conditioner, hair treatments and salon visits.

5} Do Double-Duty
I've used a few multi-tasking beauty products, but there are a couple of hair products that deserve honorable mentions. If you use heat-styling a lot, I would recommend finding a heat-protect spray that also reduces frizz. Heat protectant shampoos are also great time (and effort) savers. But my number one favourite hair multi-tasker is olive oil. It's natural, effective and it's a food product so there's no testing. You can slather it over wet hair before shampooing for a conditioning effect that will moisturise and help smooth split-ends.

How it helps you save: Save on products; It's like buy one get one free. Try Nature's Organics Organic Care Heat Protect Shampoo, also $3.99 at Priceline. I've used this one before and its not tested but it does contain palm oil.

What are your favourite (and cheap) hair care tips?

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