SATIN OR SILK: Beauty Tricks for when You're Broke

Friday, February 3

Beauty Tricks for when You're Broke

Here are all of my cheap beauty tricks that I use to save money. They all use natural ingredients and stuff that you can find in your pantry, so there's no testing involved and they can help prevent food waste as well. If you're on a tight budget you don't have to give all your beauty products up, just try replacing things, hope this helps!
Swap Eye Make-Up Remover for Olive Oil
Use olive oil! I got this idea from Michelle Phan and it works so well. All you need to do is put a few drops onto a cotton ball and use it gently to wipe away under-eye concealer, mascara or eyeliner. I suggest using the bottle for your hair and other beauty treatments as well because once the bottle is opened it will eventually go rank! Well, almost. You can see the tutorial here

You can buy a generic 500ml bottle of olive oil for around $5, or 10c per 10ml
A cheap 50ml eye make-up remover will cost you about $4, that's 80c per 10ml
Cost per month: 30c, using 1ml per day
Saving per month: $2.10
That's a saving of 87.5% or $25 a year

Replace Multiple Makeup Products with One
As I've mentioned before, papaw ointment is great for, well just about everything! You can use it as an illuminator on your cheekbones and brow bone, as well as a lip gloss, lip balm and brow gel. It lasts for a long time, just don't leave it in the sun.

Cost: You can buy it in a tube for $3-5 and it also comes in tubs.
You can save a lot by replacing your other make-up with this one product.

Use Ice Cubes for Your Face (not just for your drinks)
So we all know that cold water can help shrink your pores, right? Gently swiping an ice cube over your skin can help to minimise pores and reduce the swelling of cystic acne.
Cost: Next to nothing

For Acne Treatments...
Forget expensive acne products that don't work for everyone. Honey and cinnamon are natural antibacterial agents, so they're super effective on whiteheads and will help prevent pimples too. Again, a little goes a long way and both products will last you for a long time. 
For a facial, just mix about 3 teaspoons of unprocessed honey with a sprinkling of pure ground cinnamon into a paste and apply it with your fingers. By making a smaller amount you can also use it as a spot treatment. Leave it on for as long as you can, then wash off with cool water, rubbing gently in circular motions to exfoliate. Remember to test it on the inside of your arm at least 24 hours before you use it on your face. Allergic reactions are not fun. If you have sensitive skin, go easy on the cinnamon or just use the honey, it is still quite affective alone.

A jar of generic honey costs around $3.50 and the ground cinnamon that I use cost about $2
In my experience acne lotions can cost about $12
Cost per month: 11c, using the facial once a week. A small jar of honey and a bottle of cinnamon will easily last for a year if you use it this often. 
Saving per month: $3.89, if the acne lotion lasts for 3 months
That's over a 97% saving

Tea tree oil is also a great antibacterial agent for acne; put a few drops onto a cotton ball (you can dilute it with water first for sensitive skin) and apply to the affected areas. You can also add a few drops to your moisturiser for a gentle whole-face treatment. 
A 25ml bottle can be snagged for under $10 and you only need a few drops so it will last.

Save on Shampoo 
I talk about using less shampoo here, and not only will it save your hair but you'll also save money by making your hair care last longer. While I'm not normally a fan of baby powder, it can be used to soak up oil on your roots in between washes. Please just be careful not to breathe any in!
Cost: A generic 100g bottle is available for around $1 

Make Your Own Natural Body Scrub
Simply mix olive oil (yes, again.I love the stuff) with coffee grounds in a bowl until you get a good consistency, not too runny but with enough viscosity to spread onto your skin easily. The coffee grounds will exfoliate your skin, while the olive oil is moisturising. There isn't a lot of evidence, but some suggest that this is effective for improving the appearance of cellulite as it can increase circulation. I suggest using this when you have coffee that has gone stale, its a great way to prevent waste. 
Cost: About $5 for the olive oil, and the coffee costs nothing if you use grounds that you already have lying around (you know, hopefully in some kind of container).

Hope these tips help you out and good luck!

What money-saving beauty tricks do you use? 

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