SATIN OR SILK: Guide to Ethical Style Part 2: Reducing Landfill

Friday, February 3

Guide to Ethical Style Part 2: Reducing Landfill

Re-useable Shopping Bags
First of all, they look way better than those grey throw-away types and it turns out they're a helluva lot more Eco-friendly too. Plastic bags kill wildlife and contribute grossly to landfill. The worst part? They are completely, 100% unnecessary. 
So many clothing stores sell calico shopping bags now, these are great because they'll last for ages but will ultimately biodegrade much better than plastic (which, you know, doesn't really break down at all).   

If you do get a plastic bag, don't freak out. The worst part is throwing them away so try to re-use them if you can. I stuff old (clean) plastic bags into my handbags and boots to keep them in shape.

Before you write-off that holey dress or broken necklace consider making them into something new. Cheap Jap and A Pair and A Spare do awesome tutorials where they DIY thrifted clothing and accessories. Learning to do simple hand-sewing is easy and can really breathe new life into an item.

Some vintage necklaces that I've scored
Buy Vintage 
When you buy second-hand clothing, you are saving something that could have been potential garbage. Maybe that doesn't make the clothes themselves sound very appealing, but you can find the cutest, unique garments in op-shops and antique centres. Also, when you buy from a thrift store, the money that you spend goes straight to a charity and the clothes are super cheap!  

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