SATIN OR SILK: Guide to Ethical Style Part 3: Going Cruelty-free

Thursday, February 16

Guide to Ethical Style Part 3: Going Cruelty-free

Avoiding Animal Testing 
I always try to avoid animal testing when I'm buying make-up and other cosmetics. It's pretty hard (well, impossible really) to know exactly how your products are made but I feel that it's better to at least try and avoid testing where I can. So if you'd like to do this too, here are some good brands that I know of:

Nude by Nature
Face of Australia
Too faced
Butter London 
Physician's Formula
Wet 'n Wild

and there are heaps more. You can check out My Beauty Bunny, the BUAV or Peta for more brands. 

Using Synthetic Brushes
A lot of make-up and hair brushes are made with real bristles. While the hair is usually harvested humanely, I still prefer to use synthetic brushes. They are also great for applying liquid foundation or other products where you don't want the brushes to hold onto a lot of product. I like Eco Tools brushes and Nude by Nature also has some synthetic ones. Most inexpensive brushes will be synthetic, just check the packaging. 

Ditching Fur and Skins
Let's get honest here, I really hate fur and I don't understand why anyone would like it. If you do, please enlighten me and also - go away (just kidding!). But seriously, fur is gross and even some "faux" fur can actually be made of a dead cat or dog (true story). 

So that's me, what do you think about these issues? 
Are you trying to go cruelty-free or are already?


  1. Haha--if you like fur go away--I'm in your camp! It's gross! Who wants to wear a dead animal anyway?


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