SATIN OR SILK: Natio Haul (Yay!)

Saturday, February 18

Natio Haul (Yay!)

So here is some beauty booty that I picked up the other day. I wanted to build my makeup collection a little more so I got a few things from Natio in natural colours. Everything was less than $20 each and I got these four products for just under $60.

So this is the brow and lash mascara and it is my new lifesaver! I've never used one before but it's a great "no-makeup" product, if you know what I mean. It's very natural looking and seriously fool-proof because it's clear! Very handy for taming and shaping your eye-brows. 

The is a Natio Eye Definer in 'clove'. I use it for my brows but it doubles as an eyeliner, shadow or whatever. I think this one's pretty good value because it's a few different products in one and is very pigmented, you only need to use a little bit.

This is my favourite thing that I bought. It's the Full Colour Mineral Lipgloss (as you can see...) in 'live'. It's a nice light pink colour with a bit of shimmer so it has an illuminating effect. This really accentuates the shape of your lips, especially the cupid's bow. I really hate it when the taste of a lipgloss/stick/balm gets in your mouth, yucky! This one is scented with sweet orange oil so you can sort of smell it but not taste it which is good.

Lastly, I picked up this baked mineral eyeshadow. I haven't used it yet (have to get primer) but I think that the brown colours look nice with blue eyes. This one is quite versatile because you could do a brown smokey eye or just use the lightest colour on your lids. The darker browns would also make a nice eyeliner too, especially mixed it with water.
 So that's it! What beauty stuff have you bought lately?

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