SATIN OR SILK: Easy Ways to be Eco-Chic: Beauty Edition

Sunday, March 11

Easy Ways to be Eco-Chic: Beauty Edition

1. Get the right packaging
Look out for bio-degradable, recycled or plant-based bottles. Try ecostore (recycled) or Nature's Organics (some plant-based)

2. Choose low-watt styling tools
This Vs Sassoon hair dryer is supposed too consume only half the energy of most others.

4. Choose cruelty-free products
My Tips

5. Wash your hair less
Here's why

6. Halve your Bath 
And why not add a Lush bath ballistic to make it more fun?

7. Try homemade beauty products
Some cheapie recipes and ingredients to invent your own.

8. Use bio-degradable beauty tools
EcoTools are very popular and I love, love, love them!

9. Shave your legs out of the shower
Shaving cream is nice but if you don't have any, try moisturiser or even conditioner! 

10. Use synthetic make-up brushes
Try EcoTools or Furless for affordable, quality brushes with cute cases.

Hope this helps! What are your tips?

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