SATIN OR SILK: Easy Ways to be Eco-Chic: Style Edition

Friday, March 30

Easy Ways to be Eco-Chic: Style Edition

1. Shop vintage 
It's cheap (ten dollar Carla Zampatti dresses do exist) and you'll be saving the environment at the same time.

2. And why not donate while you're at it?
Taking your old clothes to a thrift shop is a super simple way to avoid creating landfill.

3. Up-cycle
Try up-cycling an old piece of jewellery or clothing buy cutting, sewing or adding something. This works great for those 'I love the print but the dress is just so ugly' vintage finds.

4. Try biodegradable materials 
Basically anything that's naturale.

5. organic cotton
A little harder to track down but it's great for the planet and your health.

Hope these help, what are your tips?

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