SATIN OR SILK: How to Make Your Clothing Last

Sunday, April 15

How to Make Your Clothing Last

This may sound like a bit of a boring post but it is important to care for your clothes properly if you want them to last. If you follow these tips I'm sure they will help you out big time.


  • I like to hand wash new items the first time. This will stop freshly dyed colours from running into other items and is also a great energy saver.
  • Put delicate items in mesh wash bags. This helps prevent snagging and tearing in the washing machine.
  • I always use cold water because it uses less energy than hot, but make sure to check the care instructions, some things might shrink.


  • lay knits flat to dry so that they keep their shape.
  • If you can have a clothesline, use one! This also uses no electricity so it's better for the planet and your purse. 
  • Hanging clothes by one side lessens drying time, but it will also stretch some fabrics. Always ensure that the fabric is not strained


  • It does pay to place skirts and shirts over the narrow end of the ironing board - ironing over buttons and seams that are on the other side of the garment can cause marks to come up on the side that you are ironing.
  • Just as you would treat your hair when using heat styling tools, always take advantage of the different heat settings on your clothes iron. Use lower heat for silk and synthetics and higher for cotton and linen.
  • To avoid burning synthetic fabrics like polyester, place a thin hanky over the clothing to iron.


  • I like to use padded satin coat hangers for delicate items.  
  • If using wooden hangers, always check for splintered or rough patches that could snag your clothes.
  • Never hang knitted clothing or it will lose its shape. If you don't have a shelf to place your folded sweaters on, try a hanging wardrobe organiser from IKEA like this one.

I hope these help, what are your tips?

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