SATIN OR SILK: Cotton On, Forever New, Collete and More Fashion Haul

Saturday, April 7

Cotton On, Forever New, Collete and More Fashion Haul

It's fashion haul time! Here are some most of the clothes and accessories that I got on my recent trip away.

So first up I got a pair of black skinny jeans from Cotton On. I originally wanted blue bootcut jeans (I still do) but they are so hard to find at the moment. Is it just me or does every store seem to think that skinny jeans are the only cut that exists right now? honestly. I did find a few styles at Jag that I really liked but let me tell you, in my experience, a size 6 at Jag is like a size 8 or 10 from any other store. I was very sad. 

So anyway I ended up with these skinnies from Cotton On, they have little zips at the side which I thought was cute and I snagged them for about $50. I have gotten cheaper jeans in the past but this time I was getting a bit desperate to find some jeans so I grabbed these.

The pink top was also from Cotton On and I think it was about $25? I really like the colour (It's actually more of a raspberry IRL) and I'll wear it in winter with these black jeans or a skirt. This one also comes in orange or bright blue.

These cuffs were also from Cotton On and I found them in a sale basket for $3.50 each. The brown one is actually a tan colour in normal light and they have a buckle on the other side so you can wear them either way.

If you live in Brisbane (or anywhere really!) you should check out the Cotton On at Westfield Carindale. It is so huge (I think it's a flagship store) there is even a Cotton On Body inside. You'll also find a huge section of Rubi accessories and shoes. One of the coolest parts though is the change rooms, when you try on anything from the denim range a sensor responds to the tag and plays a special music track just for you!

The whole shopping centre is really worth a visit, a new wing has just been added with about 120 new stores and it looks really beautiful. A lot of the original shops are also being refurbished which is really exciting. 

I got these ankle boots at William's and I really like the shape and height of the heel because it gives a little extra height and makes you walk more nicely without being uncomfortable. I have wanted some vintage style lace-up boots for a while so these were perfect! They were originally $80 but because I have a Fusion card (a type of loyalty card for William's and related stores) I scored them for around $55. This is the best loyalty card I have had because you don't have spend a certain amount of money to get rewarded and the discount is massive!

This is a felt fedora that I bought at Dotti with a 20% off voucher so it was in the low twenty-something range rather then the original $30. If you go the the concierge desk at Westfield you'll find the free style guide, it's like a magazine (but all of the products are available at Westfield of course!) and it has about 8-10 vouchers in it for different stores. This is really great if you are planning on getting something because you can save a lot! I just love buying nice hats because it helps me to be more sun safe.

This belt was about $17 from Forever New and I bought it because I lost my only hip belt at a hotel room (Please don't take that the wrong way!). It also matches one of the cuffs that I bought from Cotton On, how clever am I? Basically I just thought it was really cute and, you know, I need something to hold up my pants, ok? 

Next stop; Colette Accessories. This shop requires a lot of self restraint, I challenge you to go in there and come out with nothing. There are bags, jewellery, hair accessories, everything! And it is all very affordable. The gold studs were $3.95 and the headband was $7.95. I am also in love with the handbags but I didn't get one this time (I know, I'm crazy, right?)

I bought this white watch from Adorne for about $30. I have been looking for a bigger watch for a while because it's the only accessory that has no uniform restrictions at school! I tried to set it but I think it's like an hour behind... oh well!

And finally *sigh*... This is the Vs Sassoon Ultimate Salon Curler that I bought from Big W for about $45. Maybe that should have gone in the beauty haul...?

What cool purchases have you made lately?

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