SATIN OR SILK: My Makeup Essentials

Saturday, April 14

My Makeup Essentials

If you're into makeup, especially those of you who are just starting out, here is my list of three items to form the foundation (sorry) of your makeup kit. Remember, these are just my essentials but yours will vary depending on your needs and the products that you like to use. All of these examples cost less than $50 and are from cruelty-free brands.


I have always believed that this is the most important makeup product, because it benefits your whole face. An even skin tone will make your features stand out, so if I could only wear one thing, I would choose foundation. 

Don't scrimp on this one, especially if you want to use liquid makeup - cheaper products usually have a poor consistency, bad quality ingredients and unrealistic colour. I like to apply my Revlon Photoready foundation with the EcoTools foundation brush for even application, then blend with my fingers. 

Most importantly, don't use to much! When using a quality, liquid foundation, a thin layer will give enough coverage, a thick application will just look cakey.



The importance of this one depends on the characteristics of your own lashes. There are many formulas and wands available, each specifically designed to add volume, length or both. 

There are also different colours available (including blue, sadly), but brown, black-brown and black are the most common. If you are fair with blonde eyelashes and find that black mascara looks too harsh, try brown mascara for a more natural look.

Brown mascara is also nice for younger girls who are starting out with makeup because it looks subtle and natural.


Lip Colour

It could be lipstick, gloss, liner or even a lip stain - whatever you prefer, there is a colour for every person and every situation.

Peach tones suit any skin tone, rose colours are nice for fair skin, plum tones pop on dark skin tones and if you have olive skin, peach will look especially nice on you.

Lip Colour

What are your beauty essentials?

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