SATIN OR SILK: Outfit Formulas: Girly and Tough

Thursday, April 12

Outfit Formulas: Girly and Tough

Need an idea for an easy outfit? Try mixing something girly, like a sheer top or floral print, with a harder fabric like waxed denim or faux leather. 
Sheer Top and Waxed Jeans


This sheer, baby pink, tie-front top is a perfect match for these black, waxed jeans. Pumps always look great with skinny jeans and these pink ones add a little more femininity. Floral Dress with a Biker Jacket


I love to wear girly dresses with my faux leather biker jacket. The soft colour and slouchy style of these boots, coupled with the side buckle and chunky heel, strikes a perfect balance between masculine and feminine style.

I hope this helps! 

Love, Kate X

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