SATIN OR SILK: The Smart Girl's Guide to Winter Trends

Monday, April 9

The Smart Girl's Guide to Winter Trends

Buying trendy clothing and accessories and can be a big money waster. There's the high cost per wear, and a need to get rid of the item when it's no longer in style. But, there are some easy ways to rock a trend in an item that will still be timeless when the season's over. Remember: trends don't have to be dispensable.

Trends based on styling an item a particular way are great because you can easily modify something that you already have. Another option is to buy a classic item that can be worn in the style of the trend, and then worn normally next season.  

For example... Cuffed Jeans
Instead of buying a pair with rolled cuffs sewn in, choose a pair of skinny or straight leg jeans that you can roll yourself and still wear later on by wearing them rolled down. 

This is a great option because if you already own skinny or straight leg jeans (and I'm sure most of you probably do) then you can wear this trend for free! If you don't have a pair, try scouting some at a second hand shop or you could pick some up from a chain store for as little as $9. 

Trends often come in the form of pints. We've all seen them; leopard, plaid - you name it. If you discover a trendy pattern that you love then go for it! But if you know that you won't want to wear it once the season's over, don't throw away your mulah on an all over neon leopard dress.

The good thing about prints as trends is that you can wear them in any form. I suggest opting for a small amount of the print on an inexpensive accessory. This will save you a lot of money compared to buying that printed dress.

For Example... Fair Isle 
This pattern emerged in the fashion arena last year and it's back again. After filtering down into chain stores, it is very accessible. If you're thinking of adding a little fair isle to your wardrobe, consider choosing a simple, inexpensive accessory like a scarf, mittens or even a beanie, rather than a dress or sweater. This will save you money short term because chain store accessories are always much cheaper than clothes, and an accessory will also be easier to let go of when the trend fades.  

Vintage Inspired
A lot, ok most, trends are here for round two, so why not hit up a charity store for original, one-off vintage pieces like shift dresses or flared jeans.

For Example... Lace-up Boots.
These are big right now and are heavily inspired by old-school boots so it's a great idea to try a pre-loved pair for that beat-up nonchalant vibe. You'll save money compared to buying a new pair and the older boots will probably be better quality.
Lace up Boots

What trends do you want to try?

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