SATIN OR SILK: Current Beauty Wishlist

Friday, May 11

Current Beauty Wishlist

It's super important to wear sunscreen every day, and since I'm wearing it so often, I've been searching for an SPF 30+ sunscreen that was free of all the really nasty ingredients. And I found it! Invisible Zinc is free of titanium dioxide and parabens, and most importantly, the company doesn't test on animals. 

There's also a lot of things at Lush that I'm after, including the comforter bubble bar (it looks so good!), the R&B hair mask (need it) and the double choc lip balm (Yum!)

I also love clay face masks and this Natio one has been on my radar for a while. In the makeup department, I'd love to try a soft pink eyeshadow like this Revlon matte one. 

What's on your beauty wishlist?

Beauty Wishlist

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