SATIN OR SILK: Eco Store Conditioner Review

Wednesday, May 23

Eco Store Conditioner Review

I really love Ecostore right now; there's a huge range of personal care and household products that are free of many harmful ingredients and each of the company claims not to use animal testing. 

So today I wanted to tell you about my current hair conditioner. Compared to my last conditioner, I find that I have to use more of this one to detangle my long hair, but it does the job eventually.  

When it comes to consistency, this conditioner is a little runny compared to others that I have used, but I guess that is just because it doesn't contain a lot of the chemicals and ingredients that are commonly used in other conditioners. I normally prefer thicker formulas because they are better at detangling, but since this product has better ingredients (in my opinion) I'm willing to put up with that. 

On the plus side, it has a nice and simple lemon scent so you can use it with other fruity shampoos, shower gels etc. I definitely haven't noticed any bad effects on my hair since using this conditioner either.

Sidebar: I changed my template today! What do you think? 

What's your favourite hair product right now?

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