SATIN OR SILK: My 10 Wardrobe Essentials

Saturday, May 12

My 10 Wardrobe Essentials

1} A floppy, wide brim hat: this will add instant, effortless style to whatever your wearing. Most importantly, you won't end up with a face that resembles a leather handbag.

2} A big, roomy tote bag: perfect for students, travelers and, well, just about everyone - it's practical and stylish. I suggest opting for a neutral colour and make sure that the bag itself isn't too heavy.

3} Wedges: the comfiest heels around. I find that wearing wedges really enhances an outfit and they can be casual (teamed with denim cut-offs and a white tee) or dressy (with a cute floral dress).

4} Ballet flats: Now I've mentioned these many times before, but they really are incredibly versatile. Like wedges they can be casual, or a little dressier depending on what clothes you wear with them. Plus they can be worn in different seasons.

5} Riding boots: perfect to keep you warm in winter, they go with everything and are very classy.


6} The white tee: Goes with everything, super comfortable and can be worn in different seasons. This is a great blank canvas for statement necklaces and scarves.

7} The little black (or navy) dress: This is perfect for any occasion and you can add any accessories or outerwear to reinvent it. It could be any style, just find one that you feel good in!

Dresses and Tees

8} Jeans: Straight leg jeans are a classic but take the time to find which style you like the best. Just avoid distressed styles or excessive embellishment.

9} A black cardigan: This is my favourite layering piece, very versatile and great for traveling.

10} A neutral coat: Trench coats are classic, but it could be any style that you really love.


What are your wardrobe essentials?


  1. Those pink coats...!! I love them..wish I was there to get them...

    1. If you're interested, they are all available to buy online! The little icon pictures of the coats link to the online stores.


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