SATIN OR SILK: My 3 Keys to Style

Friday, May 18

My 3 Keys to Style

I wanted to share with you all the three things that, I feel, really enhance my style and give me a little extra confidence. I hope that they work for you too!

1} Lippy

It can make you look and feel a little more mature, professional or happy! Find your perfect colour and finish and it will lift your whole look (and mood).

2} Heels

A great pair of heels can really enhance your whole presence. The perfect pair is the ones that you feel comfortable in and that enhance your walk and stance.

3} Nail polish

A highly intelligent person once said, when you wear nail polish, everything that you do is more graceful. I find that this is so true!  

Three keys to style

Here are some more under $50 finds to help you choose... 
Three keys to style: more products

 What are your style secrets?

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