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Sunday, May 27

My Scarf Collection

I absolutely love scarves! Here are some photos of the ones I have at the moment and I'll tell you a little bit about each one and what makes them special to me.



The scarf on the left is from Forever New; I've had it for a couple of years now and I still love it. The print is really nice for Spring or Summer but I also like to wear it in the colder months because it's actually quite warm. The neutral background makes it very versatile. I bought the middle scarf a while ago from Groove Accessories. It's actually a square shape so I like to fold it into a triangle and wrap it around my neck. Again, I wear it in all seasons.The blue and pink printed scarf on the right was purchased from Sportsgirl for about $10 and I love that it is so bright and I can wear it with a lot of my clothes.

Adding a floral scarf is an easy way to brighten up your day (and you outfit) during Winter. 


The scarf on the left was from Forever New and it was on sale for only $15 - I thought this was a pretty good deal for 100% silk! On the right is a vintage silk square which my beautiful Grandmother gave to me (thank you Nana!).

A silk square adds instant glamour and style - roll it up and tie around your head with your hair over the top, or tie loosely around your neck. 


On the left, is a warm winter scarf that was passed down from my Grandmother, to my mother to me. Plaid comes and goes as a trend but I think it's timeless. In the middle is a big pashmina that I bought on a recent holiday, I prefer to wear this one during winter because it is nice and warm and the colours are great for cold weather. Finally, on the right, is a scarf that I bought at Sportsgirl on another holiday. This one goes with everything!

Buying a nice scarf at your holiday destination is a great way to make some memories, wear it while your there and it will become a memento that you can actually use!


Surprisingly, I found the brown silk one at Loot for about $7. The next two are vintage and were both given to me by my gorgeous Aunty. I really love the prints on these and the little navy and white one makes a cute retro headband! The pink tie-dye scarf is from Sportgsirl and I picked it up for $10 on sale - score. I bought the middle one from Target years ago and the black one was also a gift from my Aunty. Both of these make awesome headscarves during Summer.

What's your favourite accessory?

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