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Saturday, May 19

Outfit Formulas: Fail-Safe Outfits

This morning I was flicking through magazines over breakfast (porridge with raw sugar and Manuka honey + English Breakfast tea, Yum!) and, as usual, I was inspired by all of the beautifully dressed people I was seeing. 

This got me thinking about what makes the perfect outfit. Okay, so that may be a little hard to pin down, but here are my three examples of what I feel are some fail-safe options. 

Of course you can substitute in your own favourite items, this is only a guide! By adding accessories to match your style, you can really make the outfit your own - so I have included some examples for you.

Nothing is over $100! Have fun.

Casual day out

This is a great option for shopping, lunch (or brekky), traveling or running errands.

At night

A bouclĂ© jacket looks so elegant with a little black (shift) dress and pumps. 

For work

A white shirt and pencil skirt is the perfect meeting point between masculine and feminine style. 

What is your fail-safe outfit?

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