SATIN OR SILK: So You Want to Buy Designer?

Thursday, May 10

So You Want to Buy Designer?

Whether it's a bag, a dress, or those shoes: making a designer purchase is a big decision. So here are my tips to make a smart purchase.

1} Consider Cost per Wear

Is it suitable for all occasions? Ensure that you can wear the item to work, on the weekends and traveling - not just for Fashion Week.

Can it be worn in all seasons? Items that can be worn alone in Summer or with tights and outerwear in the cooler months are a good choice.

2} Budget

What else do I have to spend money on? Consider the purchases that you can't avoid; uni debt, bills, car costs, food...

How long will it take to save? Make sure that you will be able to buy the item without reaching for the credit card and while it is still available.

3} The Want Factor

Will I still want this in a month's time? Ensure that the item you want is timeless and then add it to your wishlist. After a month you should know if you still really want it or not. Which brings me to my next point...

Do I really, really, really love this? Make sure that the answer is a big yes before going ahead.
So you want to buy designer?

What are you lusting after?


  1. Such a good guide! I admit that I'll get all hyped up on stuff and buy a product or item of clothing that I don't really love and will get thrown into the back of my closet.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Cassidy, glad I could help!


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