SATIN OR SILK: 10 Easy Steps to Change the World

Monday, June 11

10 Easy Steps to Change the World

1}  Be Educated

  • Watch the news
  • Read as much as you can about different issues
  • Most importantly, just know what you are talking about and don't follow causes falsely!
Aung San Suu Kyi on the cover of TIME Magazine

  2} Have a Voice

  • Send a letter or email. If you are concerned about a company's practices, tell them! They are generally very receptive to consumer feedback so having your say could make a big impact. 
  • Sign a petition


3} Join Forces

  • Contact an organisation that sympathizes with your cause


4} Raise Awareness 

  • Write about issues that concern you
  • Talk to people and get them thinking


5} Raise Money 

  • You could participate in a fundraising event like the 40 Hour Famine
  • Or even save some money yourself and donate it straight to a charity or organisation that you support


6} Give

  • If raising money isn't an option, but you have a lot of possessions that you don't need or use anymore, you could donate some things to a thrift shop.


7} Volunteer

  • Helping out at a charity shop is an easy way to help your community and the other volunteers will be very appreciative. 
  • There are heaps of volunteer organisations out there. If you find one that you are interested in, make sure that you do your research to check out their legitimacy. It's also a nice idea to volunteer with a group of your friends or a family member.


8} Show your Support 

  • Shop from the companies whose practices you support e.g. cruelty free brands, fair trade  companies etc.
    Cruelty Free Nail Polish

 9} Boycott

  • If you don't like something that a company is doing, then don't support them! 
  • This also goes for events that are ethically questionable, if less people participate in them then the organisers will take notice.


10} Make Thoughtful Choices

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