SATIN OR SILK: Cute Umbrellas

Tuesday, June 19

Cute Umbrellas

You can make rainy days fun (and I don't just mean by jumping in puddles!) These umbrellas will brighten up any cloudy day, I promise.

Keep an eye out for the awesome classic black umbrella by American Apparel for a sweatshop free option. 

Thank you to Guess for gorgeous photograph in the bottom left corner.
Cute Umbrellas

Lulu Guinness printed umbrella
$32 -
$30 -
Lulu Guinness printed umbrella
$45 -
Hello kitty umbrella
£14 -
American Apparel black umbrella
$24 -
Lulu Guinness red umbrella
$50 -
Clear umbrella
$28 -
Totes umbrella
£15 -

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