SATIN OR SILK: How to Dress with Class

Sunday, June 17

How to Dress with Class

It's not all pearl necklaces and kitten heels, you know.

Step 1}

Follow the Rectangle Rule

So you know how your mum has always told you to either show off your decolletage or legs? An easy way to keep this in mind is to imagine your outfit as a rectangle. As your hemline moves upward so does your neckline, and vice versa. Makes sense? I'll show you. 

Step 2}

Invest in quality fabrics and well made pieces

I have learned by experience that poor quality clothing fades, stretches and tears way too easily and quickly. Now buying things that are more expensive doesn't always mean that they will last better, but there are a few things that you can do find a better quality garment... 
  • Buy vintage. And I mean real vintage, not last season's Supre at the local hospice. Things were a lot better made back in the day.
  • Check the stitching. Make sure that isn't stretching apart anywhere and be vigilant of messy seams.
  • Check the fabric thickness. So obviously some things are meant to be thin (like sheer maxi skirts, duh!), but when it comes to wardrobe staples that get a lot of wear, like T-shirts, jeans, winter coats etc. avoid flimsy materials.   

Step 3}

Choose classic styles of clothing and accessories

These items will always look classy, and of course - gorgeous! 
  • A neutral shift dress (double points if this is your LBD)
  • A white button-down shirt
  • Indigo straight leg jeans
  • A taupe trench coat
  • Black patent ballet flats

I hope this post helps you out! What are your tips?

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