SATIN OR SILK: Saturday Link Love

Saturday, June 16

Saturday Link Love

My weekly link round-up...


A gorgeous head scarf tutorial from Keiko Lynn, one more reason to embrace vintage!
Want super cool DIY tutorials from people all over the world? Cut Out + Keep is where it's at.
This is an amazing fashion blog that you need to check out now! (if you haven't already, that is) Glitter and Pearls.


This is a really cool party planning blog called Celebrations at Home by Creative Director, Chris Nease. I just discovered this one and it is full of great inspiration.
Cute nail art inspiration from Love, Life, Family and then some.
And even more nails at Flouncy Skirts!


Delightfully Tacky is an awesome blog! Check out their tutorial for a honey, nutmeg and cinnamon face mask. (I have tried this myself with just the honey and cinnamon and it works magic on pimples!)
Seriously Haute: Hair to Inspire is a great post from Huda Beauty 
Painted Ladies explains tightlining to enhance your lashes. I need to practice this!

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