SATIN OR SILK: Winter Makeup Wishlist

Wednesday, June 6

Winter Makeup Wishlist

Behold the makeup items that I am currently lusting after...

1} This is the Karma solid perfume from LUSH. It's basically a given that anything from Lush will smell amazing and I'd love to try a solid perfume to avoid irritating spray ones. 

2} I cannot believe that this e.l.f eyelid primer i so cheap!! I get some serious creases going on when I wear eyeshadow on bare lids and I've heard that this one is as good as Urban Decay's primer potion so I'd love to try it out.

3} Also from e.l.f, I'd like to try this cream eyeliner. It's only about $10 and it comes in midnight (dark navy blue), black and brown.
Makeup Wishlist

Makeup Wishlist by shoes-sushi-and-sparechange featuring shimmer makeup

4} This is the Physician's Formula shimmer strip eyeshadow and I love that it has browns, neutrals and blue tones all in the one palette. Perfect for anyone with blue eyes! 

5} I'd love a NYX auto eyebrow pencil to fill in and tidy my brows. It's only about $6!

6} Invisible Zinc's tinted lip and cheek balm is a little pricey for me, but it is hard to find sun protection for your lips that doesn't contain titanium dioxide. I've always wanted to try a cream blush too so this is a great multitasking product (that makes up for the price, right?).
e.l.f Essentials Eyelid Primer
$1 -
Shimmer makeup
$11 -
Nyx Auto Eyebrow Pencil
e.l.f Cream Eyeliner
$6.60 -
Gorilla Perfumes at LUSH
$11 -

 What's on your wishlist?

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