SATIN OR SILK: Clothing & Accessories Haul! Mimco, Target, GAP and More

Thursday, July 5

Clothing & Accessories Haul! Mimco, Target, GAP and More

So now it's time for the fashion and accessories side of things...

I found this gorgeous zippered case at Hart & Heim for just $9.95. It's from the brand Blue Q and is made from 95% post-consumer materials. Score! This is perfect for a makeup bag, pencil case or to hold jewellery when traveling.

I bought this cute beanie at Target for $13 and I had a giftcard so I basically got it for free!

This gorgeous Mimco hair clip was half price at the Melbourne central store and I scored the arrow earring at Diva for $3.

I also purchased these blue, bootcut jeans from Temt. They were on sale for $15 and they fit really well - I can't wait to wear these.

While I was away my handbag broke :( so I bought this nice big tote from Equip, it was $19!

This is a scarf that I bought from the sale floor of Portmans for $10. It is so big and warm and the houndstooth print is awesome.

There are only two GAP stores in Australia and this was my first visit to one, so I picked up one of their iconic T-shirts in Navy and a purple lace trim singlet for 10 bucks.

Have you been enjoying the mid-year sales?

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