SATIN OR SILK: Make Exercise Fun Part 1: Choose your Activity!

Saturday, July 28

Make Exercise Fun Part 1: Choose your Activity!

Yes. It is possible. Just trust me, ok?

Today I watched JLovesMac1's My FIT Fridge! Sexy Loser (Fitness & Diet) and I was so inspired! (Her videos are amazing if you hadn't caught on already). So... I have decided to contribute my own little series on here to tell all of my amazing readers that you can make exercise fun too. 

The first step is to find out which activities you will enjoy and which ones suit your fitness level and lifestyle. (P.S. don't forget that your GP is a very good source of information on this so hit them up)

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Personally I love to do yoga. I usually do about 10-15 minutes each morning to help wake me up and it's just a great way to start my day with a positive attitude. From a fitness perspective, I feel that yoga really helps me improve my breathing, co-ordination, flexibility, balance and strength. This is also a great way to meditate and give your mental health a boost.

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Although I wish I could do it more often, I also love cycling. I am not a sporty person at all but I find cycling really fun and liberating. It can be a very practical option too if you need an alternative for driving a car everywhere. Save fuel money, the atmosphere and get fit all at once. Now that's multitasking.

What are your favourite exercise activities?

Next in the series: Just add music. Stay tuned!

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