SATIN OR SILK: Makeup Inspiration: Silver Smokey Eye

Friday, July 13

Makeup Inspiration: Silver Smokey Eye

So recently I had a small beauty dilemma; what eyeshadow colour would I possibly wear with a pink dress? Pink shadow? Some may be brave enough, but I am not one of them. Black smokey eye? Too dark for me. But today I finally received some great advice from my bestie, wear a silver smokey eye, girl! 

After a serious Google image search and pinning session, of course, I realised how much I love this look. I have seen this look on people of all different face types and ethnicities and I honestly think it would suit anyone. Want to give it a go? Here are some examples and products to help you out :)

Thank you to Makeup Geek and Temptalia for the gorgeous example photos!
I have just watched Saaammage's "Classic Silver Smokey Eyes" tutorial on YouTube and learned a lot from it, so the products that I have included here were greatly inspired by the things that she used, thanks for the great tutorial Saaammage! For some extra help with your smokey eye look, you can check it out here.

And here are some step by step pictures to create a dramatic version of this look...

Thanks for reading! What's your favourite makeup look?


  1. Loving this look - so glam for a night out x

    1. Thanks Leigh-Ann, I can't wait to wear it!


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