SATIN OR SILK: Ultimate Travel Wardrobe Part 1: It's All About Colour!

Sunday, July 8

Ultimate Travel Wardrobe Part 1: It's All About Colour!

Holidays are supposed to be 100% amazing, right? Well of course they should be, but sometimes the whole packing thing can become quite difficult - especially when it comes to packing clothes!
In this new series, I will share the packing and planning tips that I have learned and hopefully these will help you too.

So the first step to building your ultimate travel wardrobe is choosing a colour palette for your items. I find that by choosing clothes, shoes and accessories in a few selected colours everything will look good together. This will give you as much choice as possible - which is a must when you are dressing out of a suitcase! 

Here are two examples of some colours which work well together, and some ways to wear them. And of course, you should experiment with your own favourite colours too!

by shoes-sushi-and-sparechange

Stay tuned for the next steps!

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