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Monday, July 16

What I Bought: The Iconic

Today was a huge milestone in my life; I received my very first ever Iconic order in the mail! 

So first up: this is not a sponsored post or anything, I just wanted to share my shopping experience with you! 

I'd seen soo many ads for this online store, promising a massive range of up-to-the-minute clothing (and shoes) plus fast, free delivery, so I decided to try it out for myself.

After placing my order, it was dispatched the next day and arrived within four days. Those of you lucky people who live in more metropolitan areas should receive orders even faster, though. If you live in Sydney, you may even be able to have it delivered within 3 hours! You can check out the postage deets here.

So what you've all been waiting for (totally)... What did I order?

I purchased this gorgeous black and gold zig-zag dress from Sass and it was $89.95, which is a little over my usual $50 limit, but it's for a special occasion, okay?! Plus I kind of went halvsies on the order with my mum (thank-you mummy :) 

So why did I choose this one out of the 100 trillion and two dresses* on The Iconic? 

Well it's appropriate for any season; I will be wearing it this winter with tights and a jacket (and the shoes below!) If you are really feeling the cold you could also wear it with boots, and because it is fitted, this dress is perfect for layering up. In Summer you could easily switch it up with a pair of cute wedges. 

I like this dress for night, because of the metallic stripes, but it is totally sequin-free and you could certainly chuck a denim jacket over it and wear with plain sneakers for day time. Sweet! 

And now for the shoes... 

These Sugar Sugar shoes (now try and say that out loud, I dare you) were on sale for $39.95, score!

I chose these black patent pumps to wear with the dress. They are made from cow/snake-friendly snake print synthetic materials (mouthful!) and the heels are just the right height. This brand comes in European sizing; I'm a 7-8 so I got them in a 38 and they seem to fit well. The sizing charts on the site are very helpful.

 *This may be a lie, but there are a lot!

I hope this helps. 
What was the last thing you bought online?


  1. I Finally see a little bit more of your face, your profile pic is great!
    That dress is a nockout, is chic, sexy and like you say, works for every season, cocktail party, in summer or spring and for fall and winter with leggins and boots should look awesome...


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