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Wednesday, July 11

The X Factor: Travel

Some easy ways to add style to your look when traveling...The X Factor: Travel

Planning on a hot holiday? A white T-shirt has the same versatility as your trusty tank top, but with a little extra sun safety. Bonus points if you choose a white shirt with a collar.

A wide brimmed sun hat is a must while your outdoors! In cool weather, try a wool felt hat or a tightly woven straw one for hotter climates.

A vibrant maxi skirt is a beautiful addition to your travel wardrobe. A flowing cotton skirt will be just as cool as shorts minus the dreaded leg over-exposure. 

A brightly coloured pashmina will instantly add a touch of style to a plain dress or top. On the practical side, a scarf makes a big difference in cold weather. If you're traveling to a cooler destination, try and find the thickest one you can and this will also double as a blanket on the plane! 

Jeans can be your best friend when traveling, a darker wash is dressy enough to work for any occasion and won't show up marks.

No matter what you're wearing, throw on a gorgeous trench coat and you'll look instantly put together, in a nonchalant kind of way, of course. This piece will also make layering a breeze.

Doc Martens equal instant street cred and they are appropriate for walking too! 

What are your travel tips?

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