SATIN OR SILK: Discount Drugstore Beauty Haul!

Monday, August 13

Discount Drugstore Beauty Haul!

I'm so excited to have gotten a parcel in the mail today from Chemist Direct. We've ordered from them twice now and are really happy with the service; they have a huge range of brands, really low prices and the delivery is pretty fast too.

Lucas' Papaw Ointment is normally around $5 in most places, so when I saw it for $3.95, I had to snatch one up (I use this product everyday!)

I also bought a new eye-makeup remover from Natio which was $7.95 for a little 75ml bottle. This is another thing that I normally use daily so I hope it lasts. 
I picked up this Natralia Nourish Naturals Skin Oil (cost me $9.95 for 60mls) to help heal some scars that I have. It's full of so many different essential oils and it smells and feels amazing!  

This is the Sukin Protein Conditioner. I'm really excited to try this; it has plant proteins in it and is supposed to help thicken/strengthen your hair. This one comes in a big 500ml pump bottle and was only $10.95. 

Now for the Yes To Carrots products. I bought their Nourishing Daily Moisture Body Lotion and the Hydrating Shower Gel. My skin is so dry after winter and this will replace my dry-ass soap bar. It has deep sea mud in it for moisture and is sulfate free so hopefully it will work well. The shower gel was $8.95 for 500ml (read: a massive bottle) and the body lotion was $8.95 for 249ml.

So that's everything! 
Have you used any of these products or would like to try them? 
What beauty products have you bought lately?

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  1. Cute haul! I've always really wanted to try the Yes to Carrots stuf... maybe i should pick up this lotion :)
    Trying to get 50 subs... Follow me?
    -Jen<3 :D


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