SATIN OR SILK: Make Exercise Fun Part 2: Turn Up The Music

Saturday, August 4

Make Exercise Fun Part 2: Turn Up The Music

Music is a must to keep you motivated! Here are some examples from my personal workout playlist...
  1. Beautiful People - Chris Brown
  2. Happiness - Alexis Jordan 
  3. Pound the Alarm - Nicki Minaj
  4. Rock that Body - Black Eyed Peas
  5. If I Know You - The Presets
The smaller your mp3 player, the better. Something with a clip like this iPod shuffle is good. You can just put your workout playlist onto it and your good to go. Always choose headphones over earphones if you can. I think that they're a little better for your ears (as long as you don't have your music too loud!). If headphones just aren't practical, try some in ear headphones that won't fall out, and of course, make sure they're cute ones! 

Turn Up the Music

iLuv Earphones
$12 -
Skullcandy Skullcrusher headphones - db earphones – Skull candy UK

I hope this gives you some new ideas, next installment: cute workout gear.

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