SATIN OR SILK: Trend Alert: Neon

Wednesday, August 15

Trend Alert: Neon

It looks like neon is still hot for Spring! I never really got into this trend before but now I'm thinking it might be time to give it a shot. Here's how I would style this trend (for less than $50 a piece)...

If eye-watering fluorescent skinny jeans aren't quite your thing, try an accessory with neon detailing and pair it back with denim and neutrals. C'est magnifique!


Acid yellow shoes  


Acid Yellow Shoes


Neon Bright Polishes

A great (cheap) way to literally dip your toes into this trend. 

Neon Nail Polish

Will you be seen in neon this season?


  1. I have just become obsessed with neon! Great post!

    p.s. Check out our bloglovin'!


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