SATIN OR SILK: DFO Fashion Haul! Forever New, Just Jeans & Esprit

Friday, September 28

DFO Fashion Haul! Forever New, Just Jeans & Esprit

First of all, this is not a plug, but merely a profession of my love for DFO (and an excuse to share my haul with you guys, of course). If you've never had the pleasure of visiting a Direct Factory Outlet before, imagine it like a normal shopping centre, except every item in every store is on sale, every day. There's a large variety of brands in each outlet ranging from designer labels to surfwear, but I went straight for the fashion stores. If you're shopping at DFO and really like something but it's still a little out of your budget, ask the sales assistant to check the current price because it will almost always be less than the reduced price on the tag. Here is what I bought...

I bought these two cotton shirts from Esprit. The white "military" shirt had a recommended retail price of $79.95 and was marked down to $39.95. The navy shirt was $89.95 RRP and on sale for $34.95. Expecting to pay around $75 for both, I discovered at the counter that these tops had been further discounted and I scored them both for just over $50!

These Lee Rider shorts from Just Jeans were $49.95. I'm not sure what the original price was because the tag was missing but Lee shorts usually retail for somewhere around $100 so I think these were pretty well priced. Admittedly I was also compelled to buy them because the male sales assistant was very attractive helpful. 

Now for Forever New. This may quite possibly be the best deal I have ever received in the history of my shopping career (big call, I know). First I tried on a pair of navy skinny jeans; they were $69.95 and fitted perfectly so I was willing to pay that price for them. Happy that I'd finally found a pair of jeans I plonked them down on the counter and reached for my trusty debit card. To my pleasant disbelief, the shop assistant then enlightened me that I could get two pairs of jeans for $50. Pay less money and get more clothes? Yes please! So I grabbed a similar pair to the ones I'd tried on in a bootleg. If I'd bought both of these jeans at their original prices, they would have cost me $160!

Thanks for reading! If you have done any haul posts of your own lately, I'd love to see them! Just leave a link in the comments below and I will check them out.

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