SATIN OR SILK: My Top 5 Quick Shopping Tips

Friday, September 7

My Top 5 Quick Shopping Tips

Five easy ways to be a more savvy shopper...

Ignore the original price: 

It's easy to convince yourself that something is a great bargain when you look at how much it originally cost. This retail trick will make you think you're making a great saving, but in reality, this price could be inflated or even invented! Only pay attention to the current price and think about whether or not you would normally pay that amount for the item you are considering. 


Shop around: 

If you're after an brand name item, check for price differences between department stores, online stores and the brand itself. This will often lead to a small saving; one seller may even have the item on sale before the others do.


Make a list: 

So you're probably aware that making a shopping list for your groceries is a smart move, but the same applies to fashion and beauty buys. Embarking on a shopping expedition with no game plan will just leave you with a lower-than-expected bank balance and a whole bunch of clothes that you can't wear. Keep a running list of what's missing from your wardrobe and bring it with you on your next shopping trip. 


Bring re-usable bags: 

Plastic bags suck. I'll admit that even when I bring along re-usable totes, I often forget to use them, but I hate ending up with multiple bags to carry and then not knowing what to do with them once I get home. So this is a reminder to all of us; ditch the plastic bags - it's way more stylish!


Dress comfortably: 

Another confession; I normally don't try on new clothes before I buy them! It is worth it though, and changing will be a whole lot easier if you wear comfy clothes and unobtrusive accessories. Also, try to keep your handbag light and your shoes flat - your body will thank you.

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