SATIN OR SILK: Spring 2013 Trends: Highlights from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Friday, September 14

Spring 2013 Trends: Highlights from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was held in New York on the 6-13th of September. Now that it's all wrapped up, here are some of my favourite shows and a short commentary on the key trends from each. In the next week I will be creating a few posts on ways to wear these trends and where you can buy them if your on a less-than-designer budget (and aren't we all?). Stay tuned!

Nina skarra



Video Source: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Official Website:

Using 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly materials, Skarra's latest designs have a distinctly vintage flair. Pleated, full skirt dresses are paraded among impeccably tailored blazers and shorts. The styles are incredibly ladylike in their conservative fit and muted pastel colouring, but banality is cleverly avoided. Sheer skirts provide subtle exposure while lilac, mint and baby blue hues are spliced with crisp white for a refreshing colour twist. The juxtaposition of structured shapes with flowing fabrics also makes for ultra wearable dresses that can be worn for day or night and on an endless variety of occasions. 

diane von furstenberg  



Video Source: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Designer's Official Website: 

As the show opens, a colourful butterfly backdrop epitomises Spring and serves as a most appropriate introduction to the new designs on display. Breezy fabrics ripple and wave with the models' movements, conjuring images of a glamorous beach getaway. On elegant jumpsuits, silver embellishments feature as an interesting addition to Furstenburg's iconic prints. Separates take on a more minimalist approach with classic colours but cutouts and new shapes maintain the label's statement impact. Sequins shower over unstructured shift dresses as simple shapes and muted neutrals impede any hint of garishness. And where texture is tamed, colour takes over. Satin sheen blouses are saturated in punchy brights and paired with (you guessed it) more colour. While other designers may juggle with current trends to produce a covetable collection, Furstenberg's Palazzo carefully balances key styles with it's own signature aesthetic to produce yet another fashion success.



Video Source: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Designer's Official Website:

With a strong ethnic vibe, Candela's Spring '13 show is a celebration of lace, organza and crochet. Despite it's great attention to detail and frequent feminine touches, this collection maintains a perfectly nonchalant feel. Muted neutral tones and sequins make an appearance once again, but this time they take on a unique bohemian persona that is far from Skarra's vintage lady or Furstenberg's pool-side Glamazon. Other pieces were adorned with beading, embroidery and simplistic yet pretty floral prints. In this collection, Candela single-handedly lifts bohemian style from the dredges of hippie-chic into style Nirvana.
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  1. Love this post! I haven't seen any videos from MBFW so this was fabulous! Love your blog, I'm now following!

    --The Urban Lioness


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