SATIN OR SILK: Uses for Unwanted Beauty Products

Wednesday, September 12

Uses for Unwanted Beauty Products

So sometimes, even when we try really hard to make thoughtful purchases, beauty products just don't turn out like we expected them too. Then there's the ever-present birthday gifts that just don't suit you and promotional freebies that no one would ever-in-a-million-years actually buy. But the good thing about the beauty world is, unlike fashion items that you can't always re-purpose (wearing shorts as a shirt? I don't think so), beauty items can be used in many different ways...



Got a shimmery neutral lipgloss that's too pale or frosty? Try using it as an illuminator. 
Dab onto your finger and apply sparingly to your cupid's bow, below your brow arches, cheekbones or other high points of your face for a subtle glow. 


Tinted Moisturiser

Too dark for your skin tone? Use it as a body tint.
I once received a tinted moisturiser as a free gift but the nice golden bronze shade is way too dark for my face! I have used it too achieve a temporary faux-glow instead by applying a small amount to my legs. This gives a nice sheer tint that's perfect for Spring/Summer, just don't forget the sunscreen underneath!   



If you're not-so-into the shade of your new lippy anymore, try using it as a cream blush instead.       
Warm it up by rubbing a small amount between your fingertips and lightly swipe on just below your cheekbones for a subtle contour or on the apples of your cheeks for a light rosy glow. 

Hope these tips help! What are your beauty tricks?


  1. Some great ideas, the tinted moisturiser one I do similar if a foundation is too dark I mix with moisturiser, helps tone down the colour

    1. Thank you :) And that's a great idea for dark foundation!

  2. The ideas you describe are cool..but cannot be comparative with real one.Because it always easy to use blusher instead of lipstick.,Xtras


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