SATIN OR SILK: 5 Totally Non-Scary Ways to Wear Colour

Thursday, October 25

5 Totally Non-Scary Ways to Wear Colour

Team it with denim... 

From Trendy by Elfreda Hager | Atlantic Pacific


Try coloured jeans...

From Favorite Looks by Emoke Kadar | Preppy Fashionist


Stick to a simple style of clothing...

From Biutiful by Gusty Sefcik | The Blonde Salad


Pair it with navy blue...

From Sweet Inspirations by Ashlee Lechten | Easy Fashion Paris


Add neutral, classic accessories...

From Everyday by Vanda Dalle Ore | R.A.G.


  1. Thanks for the styling tip! In terms of washing makeup brushes with wooden handle, instead of throwing the whole brush in the water, I will let only the hair part touch the water because water will seep in the wood part and it takes forever to dry or worst molds can grow. Hope this help :)

  2. Great blog!! Love all your pics!! Would you like to follow each other?

    BIG hair LOUD mouth


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