SATIN OR SILK: A Casual Night Time Look

Sunday, October 21

A Casual Night Time Look

This is just what I wore for a casual night event. Luckily I wasn't there for very long because those little heels hurt my feet! 

I really love this blue and purple printed scarf - not only is it pretty but it can be worn loose in warm weather or wrapped up around your neck when it gets cold. 

Some family bought me the scarf and wrap bracelet from GAP while they were in Las Vegas and I love them (Thank you!) I bought this black lace dress myself for a special occasion but thankfully it was a simple enough style that I could wear again by dressing it down. 
Scarf: GAP, Vest: JayJays
Dress: Ezibuy, Shoes: Kmart
Woven Bracelet: GAP, Charm bracelet and charms from a local jewellery store


  1. What I love the most is how your denim vest looks on your lace dress...lovely


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