SATIN OR SILK: Anyone Can Wear a Floral Dress

Friday, October 5

Anyone Can Wear a Floral Dress

Ever walked past a pretty Summer dress and thought 'I could never wear that'? We'll think again! Here are some ways to cure your dress-o-phobia...

A floral dress for everyone

Look 1

Happy with the dress just the way it is? Too easy! Just add some cute accessories to make the dress your own; a detailed sling bag is cute and practical.  

Look 2

If you feel the dress is too short, try wearing it with a pair of white skinny jeans. Blue denim could also work and is a more slimming option. 

Look 3 

We all know that spaghetti straps can expose a little too much at times; try adding a cropped denim jacket or a cute bolero top to help cover up. This also provides a little extra sun protection!

I hope these ideas help you out and broaden your wardrobe horizons!

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