SATIN OR SILK: Collective Fashion Haul! Target, Diva and More

Saturday, October 6

Collective Fashion Haul! Target, Diva and More

Some clothes, jewellery and accessories that I have bought recently... 
Firstly, I bought this really cute shirred babydoll top from Free Fusion at Target. I first saw these tops on a clearance rack at one Target store but decided not to buy one (I really didn't think yellow was my colour!) But then later on I saw them on clearance again at Target in another city and decided to try one on. I actually loved it and at just under $10, I couldn't pass this one up.
I was checking out the sales at Esprit when I found this classic sweater. It was originally $80 (in Aussie currency) but the tag had a sale price of $30. Thinking that I'd already scored a great deal, I discovered at the register that it was actually marked down by a further 25% off, so I paid around $22.50.

I also picked up these three jewellery pieces from Diva. The stud sets were $4 each and the ring was $5. Being a costume jewellery store, Diva is already quite inexpensive but these pieces were priced a lot better than their products usually are.

I'm really excited about this bag! I bought this shopping tote from Oxfam and it was only around $10. As you can probably tell, it's made out of old Filipino poppers (juice boxes) so each bag is unique and they just look really cool! I recommend these for shopping because they do hold quite a lot compared to a flat calico bag. I'm not getting paid for this but you can buy one here

This necklace was also from Oxfam and is made out of old magazine pages rolled into beads, love it. 

These days, I normally try to avoid Supre at all costs. I don't mean to offend anyone who does shop there (obviously I have too) but I swear the clothes get trashier every day. Having said that, I do still like Supre for inexpensive basics like tank tops and leggings (strictly for yoga, of course). My most recent purchase there was this dark blue pashmina for $18. It folds out like a little blanket but looks perfect as a scarf too. I can't wait to wear this for long haul flights!

So that's my latest haul, what have you bought lately?


  1. I love the pashmina and the necklace! I could go nuts buying pashminas and scarves this time of year. :)

    1. I love scarves too, it's even Spring here (and very warm) but I still bought this one for next year!


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