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Wednesday, October 24

Invisible Zinc Review

After months of use, I have decided it was time for me to review Invisible Zinc's SPF 30+ Face and Body Sunscreen. 

I bought this in a 75g tube for around $25-30 and it has lasted me for a very long time. (A little goes a long way but remember to always use at least an almond sized amount of sunscreen on your face and a teaspoon on each limb.)

Image Source: Invisible Zinc
I like that this sunscreen gives SPF 30+ protection from not only UVA rays but also protects against UVB. It protects the skin with Zinc Oxide which is a physical sunblock that sits on top of the skin, unlike nanoparticle sun protectants like titanium dioxide (some studies have suggested that nanoparticles can damage cells but this is still debated and far from fact just yet).

As the name suggests, Invisible Zinc gives the physical protection of zinc without appearing as a white layer on your skin. The box does state that this product may leave a white caste on some skin types, however, I have only noticed a very slight white sheen on my fair skin. For me, this is easily counteracted by adding a light dusting of tinted mineral powder.

After this tube runs out, I will be switching to Invisible Zinc's Environmental Skin Protector; a lightweight moisturising sunscreen. I would definitely use the face and body sunscreen again, however, I want to try ESP so that I can just use one product in the morning rather than moisturiser and sunscreen.

Overall Verdict: It's a winner!

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