SATIN OR SILK: My Five Favourite YouTube Beauty Channels!

Wednesday, October 17

My Five Favourite YouTube Beauty Channels!

I get so much inspiration from different beauty channels on YouTube, so today I wanted to share with you my five favourite subscriptions. Some may have reached guru status, while others aren't as well known, but they have all helped me and I hope you like them too!


The first channel I ever subscribed to. It was created by a lady named Jarmaine and she is probably the funniest person on the planet. No joke. Her tutorials are not only helpful but incredibly entertaining and her vlog channel JarmaineTV is also great for advice and lifestyle videos.  


Created by Cassandra Bankson, this channel has a really wide variety of videos including makeup tutorials, DIYs and even fitness videos! Cassandra is probably most known for her acne story as she has been featured on breakfast T.V. in numerous countries after many people were inspired by her videos about how to cover acne with makeup. Oh, and did I mention that she also models? So awesome.


I love Amy's channel for finding new products because she is Australian and uses cruelty-free makeup and brushes. She is currently studying her Cert IV in makeup but don't freak out - her tutorials are easy to follow and she uses a lot of "drugstore" makeup. Like Cassandra, Amy has also had acne in the past and has a few videos about coverage and treatment.   


I found Heart's channel after seeing her in one of Jarmaine's videos and I subscribed right away to keep up with all of her hauls and tutorials. She also has a gorgeous blog at where you'll find more haul photos and outfit posts. 


Okay so I couldn't do this post without mentioning Dulce Candy. I remember watching her videos many years ago (specifically her scarf collection and a thrift store haul) and her videos have just kept getting better and better. She doesn't make a big deal about it, but Dulce has also served in the army which is something I really respect. She is also a big inspiration to me in terms of her success in the fashion and beauty industry. 

Who are your favourite Beauty Gurus? Do you have your own channel? Let us know!


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