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Sunday, October 7

Online Inspiration


Beauty Taboos on iVillage. Some are crazy funny but others are super helpful! 
Sugar Lips
Image Credit: Laurence Monneret/Stone/Getty Images via iVillage

Here is a, er, good article from Good that explains which natural oils, plants and foods are beneficial as beauty products. Unfortunately they make reference to a few animal tests to back up their information about olive oil and Aloe Vera. Apparently they help to heal and protect the skin, well duh! Apart from that, this is still a good read and provides some useful info.


For the boys: 65 Things a Man Should Know about Style from The Transitional Male. Please read this and take note, thank you :)

10 Key looks from Paris Fashion Week and ways to sample them in your everyday style from The Guardian. The cropped bomber jackets at Roland Mouret were particularly amazing.   


This is a great read from Humane Society International; Q&A with Troy Seidle. He's HSI's Director of Research and Toxicology and certainly knows his stuff about real science and how animal testing can be abolished.

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